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Sleep Problem Symptoms

Are you getting the quality sleep you need?

Most people with a sleep problem don’t realize that anything is wrong or that treatment is available. Lack of restful sleep can contribute to potentially dangerous health problems including high blood pressure, depression, confusion, lack of energy and obesity.

If you are experiencing any of the symptoms listed below, the Blount Memorial Sleep Health Center can help.

Common Sleep Problem Symptoms

  • attention problems
  • being told that you stop breathing when you sleep
  • difficulty starting or maintaining sleep
  • falling asleep while driving, watching TV or reading
  • feeling sleepy or tired on most days
  • frequent leg or arm movements during the night
  • loud snoring
  • memory problems
  • morning headaches
  • taking naps on most days
  • uncomfortable sensations in your legs that keep you awake
  • unusual feelings or activities during sleep
  • vivid nightmares
  • waking up sweating or gasping for breath

For more information or to schedule an initial appointment, call the Sleep Health Center at 865-982-4637.

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